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08.01.21 Symmetry beauty butterfly and more

We look at symmetrical beauty in life. Butterfly is good example. Pay attention to the axis of symmetry - bilateral symmetry. Also look at radial symmetry where there is axis of infinite axis - circle shape. (little monster lost her patience by this point)

We study butterfly in detail, the shape of the wings bigger on top smaller on bottom, the colours and patterns, dots and line.

Make our own symmetry things start with butterfly.

1. prepare lots of paper (A4 divide by 4), fold them in half

2. make a shape like 3 but bigger "ear" on top, can make it with black outline or just a coloured blob of two circles - important use thick paint not much water.

3. quickly stamp the other side of paper,

4. repair anything not symmetrical enough if you want and make decorations on the wings (dots, lines) then stamp over again to ensure symmetrical image.

5. keep repeating, decorate and stamp

Do everything quickly so paint don't dry.

Do the same process to make other shapes, hearts, peoples faces, football etc.

Can cut them in the end and play with them.

Youtube class link

Below are done by artists of age

11, 65, 5,


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