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08.02.21 Snowflakes and Dr Emoto's gratitude water crystals

Today it is lovely snowing again in London. We had some beautiful snowflakes fallen on our window frame and we plan to do a detailed study on them!

No two snowflakes in the world are the same, isn’t that just amazing?

We watched two short videos by BBC and NewScientist to see how the grow and how beautiful they are. The we watched very interesting videos about Dr Emoto’s water experiment when he observed how different shapes of water crystal forms in different minds - The ones with gratitude and love are so much more beautiful than the ones with anger hatred and evil.

Then I showed the little monkeys how to draw the basic structure of snowflake by making an “X” first then write one more stroke to make 6. Then they are free to design any snowflakes they want.

We left many images of different snowflakes for the children to get inspirations.

Then we want to make some narrative stories about if any mini beings living on the snowflake and came to earth and what they saw along the way, what they did etc etc.

Lastly we learnt the Chinese character snow, which is constructed as the character “rain” on top, and below is a broom brushing it away.

We sang the song “snowflake snowflake little snowflakes…” while we finished.

Youtube class link


Japanese water experiment

So let's have a look at what lovely creations were made today, with gratitude :)

  1. Age 4, happy girl to see heart shaped snow and Christmas tree! (mummy thought it is a picture of raining COVID)

  2. Age 3, snowflakes mostly drawn by mummy on her demand but she did the fairy who lived on mountain and went down (with clear?arrow directions) and fly around with snowflakes by the black route then red route, then she didnt see anything and got bored so she went home

  3. Age 4, snowflakes fall on pretty girl's castle (mummy thought it is a picture of huge South African strand mutated COVID)

  4. Age 4, snowflakes fall on big boy's scary castle with thunderstorms on top

  5. Age 8, the little penguin was kicked out of colony so decided to live on a snow flake, and ever since he spots a rainbow snowflake daily

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