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Xmas 2020, instead of Santa we got lockdown II in London. After a long loud scream, I decided to adapt positively to teach my 3 year old  and 65 year old gran painting daily along with children of friends for free. They might be amateurs but I don't want to sacrifice that with teaching them how to draw Peppa Pig. I believe they must look at master pieces and take whatever they can from it so I started with the impressionist masterpieces from Van Gogh and Monet with vivid colour. Then I introduced playful creative sessions and narrative painting sessions to stop them from running away and keep their precious originality and creativity. I try to rub in some life philosophy as well and connection to music and more. 


Three Classes Types

Click for LEARN FROM MASTER sessions

Click for  PLAYFUL CREATIVE sessions

Click for  NARRATIVE CREATIVE sessions

I learnt plenty lovely things for free from youtube during lockdowns and hope this is my way to give back to society,

quality knowledge. This project was particularly inspired by my music composition teacher from WKMT when they started offering extremely high quality professional teaching on Youtube for free every week. I was very moved by their passion and encouraged to try also offer something great for the soul for free. 


Yangyang was born in China but came to England at 15 with great thanks to the William SD Louey Educational Foundation. She studied at University of Cambridge and is currently a freelance artist working in London. She had 10 years of Chinese calligraphy apprenticeship in China and has won varies awards in Chinese calligraphy including Gold Medal in National Youth Competition. Such practice greatly informs her drawing skills and aesthetic awareness. She has been tutored in London for three years by members of Royal Society of Portrait Painters to focus her practice on portraiture which she has been private commissioned several times. She is currently exploring other areas of interest such as projects based on history and eastern philosophy as well as in-depth studies in classical music composition.

Works has been pre-selected for the Mall gallery exhibition of Royal Society of Portrait Painters
Rome Art Program Residency in Rome with Carole Robb
Residency in Poland with Ewa Gagulinska 

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