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05.03.21 Self portrait

Updated: May 30, 2021

For our last class of painting in lockdown, we want to do something about ourselves. We looked into how artists in history portrayed themselves, what stories they want to express and be remembered by, some very interesting.

Key things to think about:

1. What is important to you, or special about you, put them somewhere in the image

2. What angle you want the face to be presented, what emotions

3. It doesn't have to be you as it is now, but can be you as what you want to be, could have been, etc

4. Try think of the colours and mark making to produce them

The only criteria of this painting is do not leave any white in your image, you will see it doesn't matter what you do the picture will look beautiful.

Youtube class link

Self portraits so far:

Pic 1 - age 8, half face and body cat (black bombay), half body penguin

Pic 2 - age 4, after having turned to kitty girl — green is tail, heart shape by the head are whiskers

Pic 3 - age 3, happy me

Pic 4.- age 5

Pic 5 - age 4, me and my happiest thing to do climbing mountain with lots of trees!

Pic 6 - age 5 happy me in my pretty red dress

Pic 7 - age 11 self portrait in mirror

Pic 8 - age 35

Pic 9 - age 35

Pic10 - age 35

Pic11 - age 65

Pic12 - age 69

Pic13- age 34

Pic14 -age 4

Pic15- age 6

more to come..

Images we looked at

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