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30.12.20 Van Gogh Wheat Field and Perspectives

Updated: May 21, 2021

Notice how vanishing point is cleverly places at golden section.

Perspective changes what we see, shape, size.

Use pure colours ultramarine blue, white, lemon yellow, cadium yellow and a dash of red

  1. find the vanishing point, make division of sky and land, lay out big blocks of the field

  2. fill blue sky, fill different colours of green on the field, leave the 3 yellow patch very clean, the far yellow patch should be cold lemon yellow

  3. make shape of clouds curly like claws

  4. make foreground flowergarden

Youtube class link

Below work done by artists of age

Van Gogh, 3+38, 4,

8, 5, 38,

4, 11, 7,

65, 3+36, 11,


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