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27.02.21 Marc Chagall Bouquet

Today it is unusually sunny in London, as if god finally shines some mercy on the poor nation which will finally end the lockdown and hopefully walk out of the woods of Covid nightmare.

In this happy spirit, we want to do our last lockdown weekend paintings about beautiful flowers, starting with Marc Chagall's romantic paintings.

We watched some video of his Paris opera house ceiling, stained glass, and romantic narrative images. We paid attention to how his painting is feels like music with all the harmony and melodies.

The key is to relax and dabble the foreground with thick vivid colours, don't be afraid to put some dark or slightly muddy dots a little bit. Keep the background fluid and blurry with dreamy ultramarine blue.

Youtube class link

Work below down by artists of age

Chagall, 5, 11,

38, 65, 69,



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