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30.01.21 Monet Venice paintings Gondola and san giorgio maggiore

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

It is raining as usual in London and we cannot leave the country so we are going on the virtual trip to Venice with Monet.

We looked at a video about Venice first to show my little monster and her friends the colour of the sky, water and the gondolas. Then we did a quick study of Monet's Gondola followed by a more in depth study of san giorgio maggiore.

Colors used:

Titinum white,

cadium yellow,

cadium red,

ultramarine blue,

Yellow orche

Key point:

1. for the sunset painting is dry brush technique. Make sure u have sth to dry the brush like tissue or rug.

2. pay attention to how when things are closer they are larger and more sharp - especially in the waves! nearby waves wider longer darker shadows and faraway waves tiny little whitish lines. The buildings too, notice how the small dark shape on the right just slightly hidden in the background to indicate the faraway city silhouette.

Youtube class link

Venice video we watched in class

Intro to the san giorgio maggiore painting

Work below done by artists of age

Monet, 38, 5,

11, 36, 65,

11, 8, 34,

69, 3, 8,

34, 7, 5,

11, 65, 4

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