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24.01.21 Monet Snow Scene at Argenteuil [with snow tree and snowman for kids]

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Last week I wanted to do a series of painting from national gallery picture of the month and wanted to start with Monet's snow painting this weekend. The magic is that today it did actually snowed! First snow in London since not sure when.

To keep up with the excitement of snow playing kids, we did simple snow tree and snowman painting by "leaving blank" method. It was very fun and pretty great results!

Then as the 3 year olds ran away, the older ones carried on with the painting by Monet. Colours we used titanium white, ultramarine blue, crimson red, brunt umber, tiny yellow orche. (To make colourless grey you need to use white and black, and i encourage u to make black by yourself =ultramarine blue+brunt umber)

Key points

1. Perspective angles - notice how the angle of the brown areas go towards the horizon.

2. Perspective contrasts - notice how the subjects closer to you (foreground) is made with more sharp edge and stronger contrast and the ones far away are very blurry and similar tone.

3. Try get the grey right. need to add a lot of white in your colours, also need to add opposite colours to "mute" any colour which seem too saturated

Good summary by national gallery below

(I put the screenshot of their palette analysis at the end of the page

Youtube class link

Work below done by artist of age

Monet, 38, 11,

35, 36,4,





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