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17.01.21 Andre Derain London Painting

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Today we look at this very colourful painting by French artist Andre Derain. I can feel him sitting there looking at the grey British sky 100 year ago and say what on earth is this?? This colour doesn't exist in any French artist's palette! I am going to show you what colours look like! :)

Key point:

1. What makes the image feel so colourful - look how he used vivid pure contrasting colours Big area of green against big patches of red, far-ground blue bridge/buildings against orange, and huge pure lemon yellow against what I think must be purple but looks black.

2. How he used perspective to give sense of space. The Big boat on the foreground same "hieght" as the London Bridge on the back.

3. Also how things "echo" through the page. The two big boat on the foreground echos the two pillars of London Bridge, echos the 2 little orange blocks on the top right echos the two little boatman on the bottom right corner echos the two boat tips on the left corner. When your eye travel through the page its like you are floating on the river going up and down and around. The only object in "3" are the centre boats.

4. How the magic number 3 appeared again, how he made the centre 3 boats all different -size, direction, shape.

Colours used:

Lemon yellow

Cerulean blue

Cadium red



Youtube class link

Below work done by artists of age:

Derain, 38, 11,





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