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16.01.21 David Hockney Daffodil

Today we try to make some lovely spring flowers and they will stay forever blossoming on our page :) David Hockney made the painting with iPad and we will try to get the essence with acrylic.

Importance points:

1. keep background simple - make slightly purple tint to make flower look more yellow

2. take your time to make the "grass", look how Hockney did it - some white-sh green, some dark green, some thinner, some fatter, different length and directions which make them alive. 3. watch how Hockney made the flowers, the positions, again ALL DIFFERENT - orientations, colours, the one at the "golden section" is hiding behind the "grass"

Colours used: Titanium white, Lemon yellow, cadium yellow, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cadium red (a little), brunt umber


1. Paint background quickly with credit card method to have texture

2. Get the "grass" right, make them all different

3. Put in the flowers. the yellow is quite transparent so need to paint at least twice to make opaque enough. don't forget to add white.

4. Make more texture complete background

Youtube class link

Below work done by artists of age:

Hockney, 38, 11,

36, 4, 3+38,

4+36, 3+36,7,

3, 8, 65,


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