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10.01.21 Monet Path through the wheat in Pourville [kid friendly version]

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Today go on holiday to north of France. For the smaller children today we tried to make more kid friendly with more weapons - fork, Peppa pig toys..gotta say its not the best class as it was a little rushed by my impatient monster but still very lovely work produced by many children.

Important concept:

1. Foreground and background - Foreground use warm colours (the flowery wheat bushes), background use cool colours (far away areas like the beach and mountains). Like this the picture have depth not only from perspective but also from colours.

2. Again pay attention how Monet balanced blue sea and sky with "orange" foreground, this time the orange is yellow path and red flowers that the viewer will "mix" in their eyes. Note how he red is balanced again further with the green bushes!

We paint with thick paint and use fork to make texture, especially in the wheat bushes - brush them like the wind!

Youtube video link

Work done by artist of age

Money, 65, 3+38,




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