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09.01.21 Cezanne The Bay of Marseilles Seen from L'Estaque

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Pretend to go on south of France holiday in lockdown London, journey a little long and the little 4 year olds all ran away after finish their masterpiece in 10 mins. Mums and older children carried on the flags and all made beautiful works :)

Colours used: White, cadium yellow, lemon yellow, yellow orchid, cadium red, ultramarine blue

Important concept:

1. Like music tonic and dominant - the big blue sea and orange houses are contrasting colour patch that old the painting together and enforce each other. The light sky blue is like a "doubling on an octave".

2. Foreground houses a lot going on, don't put details on all, just highlight the details of at least one of the three houses, pay attention to perspectives on the roofs.

3. How to make it feel "sunny" - make the facet facing the sun very light (almost white), and shadow dark

Youtube class link

Works below done by artists of age:

Cezanne, 38, 65,

35, 4+36,7,


11,11, 4,

36, 3

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