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06.02.21 Tahitian landscape with Gauguin

Today the weather outside in London is poo poo grey again. So we went a trip to Tahiti with Gauguin to feel better.

We watched a nice video by Grand Palais about Gauguin's adventure in Tahiti followed by a tourism video to see what it really looks like.

Then we attempted to study a watercolour feel painting of the colourful landscape.

Key point:

1. If use acrylic, make the brush watery and get some tissue to absorb excess liquid to make nice textures.

2. Go through the colour wheel and make it all vivid with only small areas of muted colours

Colours used:

Cadmium yellow

Cadmium red

Ultramarine Blue

A bit of white

Youtube class link

Video by grand palais

Tahiti tourism video

Work below done by artist of age

Gauguin, 38, 65,

35, 11, 5,


3,5,4 (its a poopoo spider)

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