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02.01.21 Van Gogh First Sunflower

Updated: May 21, 2021

Why sunflower -

1. It is a rough flower not like rose, tough character

2. Very positive always follows sun

3. It bare seeds very fruitful too

Pay attention to composition - golden section again, where are the 3 flowers? Important: 3 flowers all very different

This is a slightly complex painting, and my little one got punished this class to be kicked out of the class so I did the demonstration myself.

1. Get the big shapes right, block in large patch of colours

2. make the flowers, leaf, vase

3. make the vivid flower pedals

4. touch up the foreground table area

Important things -

Try get the colours right and try start use the browns (yellow orche, umber)

Try make 3 flowers different

Colours used


Cadium yellow

Yellow orche

Cadium red

Brunt umber

Cerulean blue

Class video link

Below work done by artists of age

Van Gogh himself, 38, 4,

65, 8,4+36,


11, 38, 34

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