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24.02.21 Pucinni's last opera -Turandot 血 火

Today we wanted to make a little girl happy by doing a story of princess and prince with a Chinese theme - Turandot the perfect choice :)

We did a little child friendly puppet show with Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Pavarotti before he put on some extra belly size.

We learnt the two Chinese characters relating to her 3 riddles 血 火 (blood, fire)

Then we did the drawing of what our ideal prince and princess would be and what questions they must answer correctly before passing our interview. The children were more interested in the first part.

We finished the drawings listening to the beautiful Nessun Dorma!

Youtube class link

Work below:

  1. Film crew group photo

  2. Age 3 - prince (apparently need to be clever), princess with earrings and necklace, their baby, all in their happy place ( cloud outlined with green curvy lines)

  3. Age 4 - middle is Turandot with cold blue heart, princes who got the riddles wrong got head chopped off, blood blood, gloomy sky, bunny and carrot and bee next to princess and beanstalk on left, princess dreaming about bunny. Mother's interpretation is her future daughter in law will be tender like bunny and hard working like a bee.

  4. Age 8 - ideal prince is a cat and both wearing matching furry outfits. Mother's feeling is the ideal prince is the owner of this cat she saw today.

  5. Age 4 - inspired by his sister's car, his white princess cat is walk over water on a rainy day. Details: green snowman on the right, a ladybird on a flower who’s happy now it rained, golden rain onto the cat (obviously a princess), a person sitting under the cat with a bun and a strawberry on top

  6. Age 5 - princess beheading the ones who can't get her questions right

  7. Age 5 - not sure - our guess is the prince need to be Christian and likes books

  8. Age 4 - Princess Elsa with extra long arms and red slippers

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