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22.02.21 Chinese proverb - fight of clam and piper, winner is the fisherman 鹬蚌相争 貝 (clam)鳥 (bird)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we looked at the Chinese proverb 鹬蚌相争渔翁得利. fight between the clam and piper, winner is the fisherman.

We learnt the story with our swan-recycled puppets and some real clams (and pearls!) then we wanted a happy ending so they became friends in the end and escaped together in our version.

We watched some short clips about how clams dig with their “feet” and spill dirty water out on top which my little one found hilarious. We also watched how pearls are formed and what they look like before we get them out.

We then learnt the Chinese characters 貝 (clam)鳥 (bird) as the old writing resemble a lot of the image itself.

Finally we made some drawing of the most memorable part of the story and our ideal ending, while listening to the lovely song of happy ending “ I love you and you love me “

Youtube class link

Pic 1 theatre crew group photo

Pic 2 age 8 - easy ending - both steamed in a pot

Pic 3 age 4 - orange line are for clam with eye and face feature, light blue in middle is bird, left fisherman, dark blue right is ice cream van - yes happy ending they all went to get ice cream

Pic 4 age 3 - big bird with long legs. Then daddy clam wearing glasses (coz he watch too much tv again). And mummy clam with lines. And baby clam with his friend. They all happy friends now so fisher man not happy ( right)

Pic 5 age 4 - bird and clam, Chinese written by himself with the bird head addition!

Pic 678 age 4 complex story forgot

Pic 9 daddy and mummy fisherman

Pic 10 the story when they were fighting

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