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22.01.21 Revision paint a story with all the characters learnt

Today I don't have much time so decide to do a revision session where the child need to make a painting with as many characters we learnt as possible and make a story as interesting as possible. (not writing the characters but just include the items in the story)

So amazing outcome again, listen to the stories below and enjoy the beautiful journey with the creative children.

Painting 1 (4 and 8 year old together)

Its a sunny day the sharks came out to play then there were 3 suns it took them long time to climb over the big mountain so it didn't rain, then the mountain made so much dust that it looks like wool.

Characters used 三魚日晶大山天雨毛 amazing and what amazingly poetic mind..dust look like wool!

Painting 2 (4 year old)

A long time ago, there was three little sheep playing together, then the sky started raining big and small rain drops, so they started jumping in the muddy puddle. Then they took the boat to go away and when they are hungry they eat some fish and they played very happily ever after.

Characters used 三羊大小天雨船(舟)魚 amazing

Painting 3 (my 3 year old)

Our drawing of the day..nothing to do with what I intended but the story is a boy trying to be a Roman and hide something in a bubble of a rock. He is standing on a cloud. Its very close to the sun but he is protected by the bubble so he is ok. And daddy mummy and baby also in a bubble. Cant see the hands coz they r behind.. then theres thunderstorm everywhere but we all save in bubbles...

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