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14.01.21 Narrative painting learn Chinese 三three 目 eye

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The song today is three blind mice. We do similar structure as yesterday.

Phonics= m, r, u, n

Chinese = 三(also一二) three(also one, two), 目 (eye)


Painting 1 with 3 mice, need to think about the size, colour, position, whats around them, emphasis the idea of 3 in art and music and they MUST be different. Learn the character 三 and see how each stroke looks slightly different in calligraphy.

Painting 2 with 1 mouse zoomed out, paint the face and make the eyes blind :) and learn目 Same material from yesterday but for painting one we won't paint background. Painting 2 paint background. We will see why and the difference (of too much going on we need to simplify background. If not much then increase background activity)

Youtube class link

Below work done by artists of age




full. of imagination and stories. Amazing!

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