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13.01.21 Narrative painting learn Chinese 雨 rain 日sun

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Chinese characters have the magic quality of abstract painting ( or perhaps I should really say the reverse). Today we will start a new series of classes which we will use the techniques we tried to paint narrative images and learn some Chinese characters which come from the visual image. We will do the image based on the story of a nursery rhyme and do a little English phonics revision too.

So today the story song is "itsy bitsy spider".

Phonics = "i", "t", "s"

Chinese = 雨 (rain), 日(sun)

Painting =

One painting about rain

One painting about sun

We will try paint the background with credit card, one or two colour, then make line and dots for rain, then learn 雨 rain character. Another painting with sun and learn 日 sun.

Important concept:

1. Narrative painting - what are the main characters in your story look like, what size, colour and shape? Where will you put it? Composition and creative exaggeration.

2. See how traditional Chinese characters come from a very visual image and try memorise and recognise the character.

3. Revise all the skills we used in previous sessions for painting (colours, techniques etc)


It is surprising the imagination of the children - the first picture our little artist said there is a cat that jumped out and covered the sun - who would have thought of that twist? Amazing.

Pls see the two Characters at the end of the page.

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age:




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