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03.03.21 伯牙绝弦 Chinese Gu Zheng Music response and learn 樂藥 (Music, Medicine)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we want to teach the kids a character embedded with some wisdom from our ancestors, music with healing properties. How "medicine"藥 is the character of "music" 樂with herbs, and "music"樂is the same character as "happiness"樂.

We looked at our Gu Zheng, which is one of the oldest instruments in China, cleverly designed with no semitones (so 12356 only). We did the puppet show about a very famous master musician 2000 years ago who played the instrument to a level no one else understand and his story with his soul mate.

Then we learnt the characters before started drawing and painting with two pieces of very famous old Gu Zheng music.

Youtube class link

Music we used River falling from high mountain 項斯華古箏獨奏:高山流水 Fighting typhoon 林玲-戰颱風 Some other interesting ones Fishing boats at sunset《漁舟唱晚》王中山 【箏鼓和鳴】權御天下 Sun Quan The Emperor

Stories today

Pic 1 - theatre crew

Pic 2 age 8, BoYa with lyre, before the friend showed up. Background waterfall into the meditation pond, rock, tree and lavender. He looks happy because he mastered the music.

Pic 3 - age 4, The story had many versions, but always had the waterfall. Version 1 was musician with crazy hair lost his friend, but a worm came out of his mouth and found his friend

Pic 4 - age 3, response to music 1 (waterfall high mountain) ais a big giant surrounded by moons

Pic 5 - age 3, response to music 2 (fighting typhoon) is some road (mummy thinks its Beijing ring roads) and this person running like dots.

Pic 6 - age 5, penguin teacher took BoYa and his new friend to see the amazing new teacher of nature together

Pic 7 - age 5, happy flower for new baby sitter

Pic 8, gu zheng

Pic 9 - Chinese character "music" (and happiness)

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