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01.02.21 Revision Drawing session

Today we took a little break to make drawings based on the Chinese characters we learnt last week. They need to try make a picture that include as much as possible below and make one or two stores.


rock, mouth, pickwithmouth, beauty, person, tooth, claw, four, five, no, up, down, car

Let's go on the journey with the kids with their amazing imaginations:

First set (age 8 and 4)

1. ‘up above’ the sun is shining, ‘five’ penguin eggs hatched, the father went ‘down’ to the sea to fish, the ‘four’ fishes swam around his ‘claws’ to say ‘no’ we don’t want to be caught, so he came back 叼 a ‘beautiful’ flower in his ‘mouth’ (the yellow bits are ‘teeth’) 2. when the sun was out people came out to play but it rained.

3. Lastly, a lovely image made by pressing the paper on their palette!

Second set (age 3)

  1. Beautiful girl with long hair sleeping in the middle, dreamed of Gruffalo with long teeth ( refer to the object with round head at the bottom right, the two sticks supporting the round thing are Gruffalo’s claws), above his head is his house, below on left is house of the beautiful girl, 3 floors, top and bottom floors are tool stations, the bow shape thing on right corner is the horse carriage for the beauty.

  2. Our house, 5 rooms includes kitchen, Top left is me in police car, bottom is daddy's bicycle

Third one (age 3)

The middle orange is wheel going up and down, the stones falls? around wheel (green blobs), dinosour with claws, teeth making fire in the bubble, the daddy mummy baby clouds in the sky sleeping. Dinosaur and wheel making too much noise, beauty girl come tell them off. Wheel popped the bubble of dinosaur and ran away..

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