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29.01.21 Narrative learn Chinese - Cars 上 up 下 down car 車

Today we want to make a little boy happy by doing a session on cars! We sang the song “wheel on the bus” first while watching a fascinating video of monster trucks - because it has the biggest wheels ( )

Then we had a look at the oldest car from China 4000 years ago and how we wrote the Chinese character of car 車 which look exactly like the shape of car (horse chariot) with wheel. We also learnt up and down the car in Chinese上 up 下 down. We then looked at the newest car which is the latest concept car by Benz -AVTR avatar car! (The last 3 minutes of this video

After that, we started designing our own car, with a car drawing video as inspiration on the background. Try to pay attention to each feature of the car, the colour, size, who is in it, where it is going and then what did we see around the car when we were going to places, what is in the sky and on the ground and surround us. This is the car drawing inspiration video

Youtube class link

The works were very interesting as the story goes below:

  1. Age 4, Big monster truck with exaggerated tyre marks which the artist said its a key characteristic of the vehicle. It is riding in a road covered with big rocks!

  2. Age 4, Ambulance monster truck as indicated by the big cross and flashing yellow lights on the top!

  3. Age 3, Daddy driving us to grandparents house in a bubble car, mummy protect baby. There r 2 arrows so we know where to go. Its night theres moon and star in the sky. There is a fish car which has no windows or door just a button and can go in water. Bubble car has a baby bubble car below. (Now I realise her bubble car must have been inspired by Benz AVTR!)

  4. Age 8, car of complementary colours. Her (imagined) per dog sleeping in the distant house.

  5. Age 4, grandparents‘ car (mummy sure let them know to consider pink for the next upgrade); bottom: monster truck with cat house on top (copy cat suspicious) and the loud cat‘s snoring (aka the orange shape on the right)

and the Chinese characters we learnt are

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