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31.01.21 Monet le Grand Canal

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we continuo with the trip to Venice with Monet to “le Grand Canal”. We watched a short video by Sotheby when one of this was auctioned for 30mio.

Key points:

  1. Pay attention to the dark poles on the foreground, their colours and how they are NOT vertical straight.

  2. Try get the dark and light shapes of the buildings to show directions of the sunlight.

  3. Try keep varied colours, some orange in places to balance the blues (e.g. the poles)

the Colours need:

Magenta - use it if u have it (we used a replacement of ultramarine blue+crimson+white)

Titinum white,

Yellow orche,

Crimson red,

Cerulean blue,

And a little bit of

Cadium red,

Ultramarine blue

Sotheby’s video

Youtube Class link

Work below done by artists of age:

Monet, 38, 65,

35, 35, 35,


4,3, 34,


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