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28.01.21 Narrative learn Chinese 5 little monkey 四(four)五(five)不(NO) with famous painting in history

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Today we will look at monkeys! we sing the song 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, and look at how famous artist in history in China and the west dealt with them!

Chinese: 四 (four),五(five),不(no)


We will sing the song whikw look at a video of monkeys in the wild and pay attention to their movements.

Then we will look at famous paintings in history, how they captures the characteristic on monkey.

Chinese painting: 北宋子母猴( 1000 years ago Song Dynasty),高奇峰《猿》(100 yrs ago), 张大千《松猿图》(Zhang Da Qian),齐白石《桃猴》(Qi Bai She) ,还有刘继卣(Liu Jiyou) 和韩美林( Han Meilin)的猴。

Western painting: Frida kahlo's self portrait with monkeys.


1. Do 5 little monkeys try make clear their characteristics. Make some in the air, some on the bed, some fell off the bed. Learn 四五, try make every monkey different!

2. Learn the origin of "NO" in Chinese, 不, do a painting of you saying no to something u dont like to do....e.g. say no to sleep, say no to eating carrots?

Youtube class link

Special notice paintings:

No. 4 below - from left to right is daddy monkey, little brother, himself, and below is a bad evil monkey which they caught with a basket!

No. 5 below - the monkey which fell on the floor hit his head so bad that his eye got all blind (if you can find the monkey..and the eyes :))

Work below done by artists of age

8, 8above 4 below, 5,



famous monkey paintings we saw in class today

Chinese characters

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