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27.01.21 Narrative learn Chinese - Dinosaur drawings! 牙 Tooth 爪 Claw

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we want to make a little boy happy by doing a special dinosaur session! (and learn the two Chinese charactors 牙 Tooth 爪 Claw)

First we watched the little video nicely done by National geographic, to get an idea of the history and two main type of dinos (meat eaters vs. vegans!)

We had a closer look at the characteristic of the dinos, firstly the teeth difference between meaty and vegan dinos and learnt 牙 Tooth, then the footprint shapes and foot to learn 爪 Claw, and did some drawings of the details.

Then we did an experiment of quick sketches with different dino images, some T-rex, some with wings etc, but all done within 30 seconds!!

Lastly we listened to John Williams' theme song of Jurassic Park and invented a dinosaur ourselves - my little one made one with 100 wings, spiky back, and 3 legs. why not :)

Youtube class link

Highlight work number 1 - dinosaur ticked the stone with the tail and broke it into pieces. what a dynamic image and check out the cheeky grin on the dino's face..piece of cake!

Work below done by artists of age:







images used in the class for sketch

chinese characters

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