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26.01.21 Narrative learn Chinese - Sleeping beauty 美 人

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Today we want to make a little girl happy by doing the story of sleeping beauty and learn the Chinese character 美 (beautiful) 人 (human).

I made some props with my little one to tell the story which was great fun (for me at least :)) Then we looked at how ancient Chinese wrote "beauty". We looked at some famous princess in the old paintings, some princess in the sleeping beauty ballet, some Chinese princess from 1000 years ago and some modern ones all around the world.

We played the music from the sleeping beauty ballet, with the lovely waltz by Tchaikovsky, we tried to make 2 drawings (today we used just colour pens because it is a bit difficult to do many figures with brush). First drawing is what you think sleeping beauty should look like. Second drawing is what is the most memorable scene from the story.

The work from all the children were so super cute and full of surprising imagination again. Let me go through them with you in details below.

Youtube class link

Wonderful art below and explanations of their fascinating lines of thought -

  1. Age4, what sleeping beauty should look like!

  2. Age 4, Sleeping beauty was very sad and she was pulling all the thread on her cloth apart

  3. Age 3, her image of sleeping beauty, curly hair and with wings, and she wears earrings and glasses because she watched too much TV.

  4. Age 3, her favourite scene from the story, the prince hide his arms behind and come for the princess, they are very happy inside double bubble. Outside the bubble its rainy with thunderstorms, the green evil fairy on the left was angry but she cannot get inside the safe bubble!

  5. Age 8, sleeping beauty on the left corner (Covid safe with mask), big evil fairy with many eyes watching her

  6. Age 8, the prince is in fact a vampire prince, the true motive marring the princess is when they have children he can eat them!!

  7. Age 4, Princess on the left, witch on the right, little lake, big boat, princess's cat, little castle and car (look like a pram) on the right side

  8. Age 4, evil fairy spirit flying around

  9. Age 4, two bad fairies

  10. Age 4, evil fairy's shadows

  11. Age 3, sleeping beauty in the middle with evil fairy on the left corner watching

  12. Age 3, sleeping beauty

  13. Age 3, floorpan for the sleeping beauty and prince after they get married and move in a new flat

  14. Age 4, Sleeping beauty on comfy pillow, raining outside (shown in little window), the prince is about the come through the door!

  15. Age 4, prince and princess living happily ever after under happy rains

And this is the prop my little monster made - not bad at all :)

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