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25.02.21 Haute Couture fashion show and Klimt - Man Woman different 男女方圆 (Man Woman Square Circle)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we wanted to try something new as the Haute Couture 2021 summer show has recently been launched with some amazingly beautiful dresses.

We took a closer look at Klimt famous the Kiss painting, and studied how he used patterns of square/rectangles for the muscular man, and curvy circular colourful patterns for the romantic woman. We learnt the difference of man and woman by studying the Chinese characters 男女方圆 (Man Woman Square Circle) and I tried to show the children a very important Chinese concept - inside the square there is circle and inside the circle there is square etc.. maybe that need to be repeated when they are older.

Then we watched the extract of the beautiful beautiful Haute Couture 2021 summer show thanks to Bazaar to get some inspirations before we went ahead to design our own outfit for our prince and princesses. We also watched the D&G menswear version with the theme of the greek goddess which had some beautiful yet manly designs.

Youtube class link

Videos used in class

Haute couture 2021


2020 dress

and this one which I didn't have time to show but absolutely amazing show D&G Alta Moda

Now let's have a look at out designers :)

  1. Age 5 - the favourite was the golden dress with black shoes, necklace and red crown

  2. Age 5 - red and white dress with lined patterns below, a big diamond ring and crown

  3. Age 3 - flower head with necklace and ring on each finger. Dotted patterned shoes, straight line and curvy line pattern top with a red flower and octopus dress for the legs. A flower with a little bee next to the princess.

  4. Age 4 - party with all the girl friends from school. They are all wearing dresses. Mother's interpretation is they are all wearing emperor's new cloths.

  5. Age 4 - dotted dress for robot

  6. Age 8 - costume for her prince, aka cat, is a bow-tie and stripe effect. The blue+orange flowers would form the pattern for her own dress.

  7. Age 3 - Dress designed for Elsa with blue scarf and blue shoes, she dyed her hair brown. (my interpretation of the dress is highly inspired by Stephane Rolland on pic 8. amazing details in the middle and the shape of the dress)

  8. Stephane rolland

  9. Age 4, boy and girl designs

Images we looked at class

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