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25.01.21 Narrative learn Chinese Crow and pitcher 乌鸦喝水 learn 口(mouth)石 (stone) 叼(pick with mouth)

Today one little boy want to paint something about stone, we can't find a good nursery rhyme but we found a good story instead - crow and pitcher 乌鸦喝水

Chinese: 口 (mouth),叼(pick and hold with mouth),石 (stone)

Activity: i will tell the story with a bird toy, glass of water and some stones.


1. Make painting based on the way our ancestor wrote the character stone, 甲骨文 石。 Try make them diff size and shape and colours

2. Learn 口,叼, Try to paint your memory of the story, try include the action when the bird is holding the stone in the mouth and learn the two characters


1. A very surprising event happened today as my little monster started painting the actual stones and rolled it on the paper, a lovely pattern appeared! then she kind of created a new way to paint with stone! It made really amazing patterns and marks.

2. I thought it is interesting to hear what children says the crow should do (before we reveal the solution with stones), my one said to break the pitcher so water can flow out, another kid said the crow found a straw, another kid said just open the bottle/kick the bottle to pour water out! Well who says kids don't have enough resources? :)

Comments from the work of the kids

1. My one did stone diff size colours, some with poopoo on top, there was also a hoover stone that hoover all the dust as the stones falls. She also did a crow with a face of the fish we learnt from Qi Baishi!

2. Another kid did a stone man! How creative! also to practice 叼 he made a rabbit picking carrots in his mouth. He also made the eyes on its ears - this is very efficient we should give feedback to god for the future upgrade :)

3. Another one made one image with the whole story, firstly small bird flying around looking for water then finally big bird picked stone to throw in water jug/lake!

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age:





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