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23.02.21 Aesop- The ant and the grasshopper (and bees) 笑(laugh) 哭 (cry)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we did a story from Aesop with our small additions (little bees) and uplifting ending.

We learnt the Chinese characters 笑(laugh) 哭 (cry) as the grasshopper had to go through these extreme emotions.

We watched a little clip to see how ants cut with their teeth and move leaves, and how little bees carry their pollens.

Finally we draw the picture of our own version of the story and endings, some which very interesting :)

We listen to Rimsky-Korsakov flight of bumblebees while we finished our masterpieces.

Youtube class link

Pic 1 theatre crew group photo

Pic 2 age 3 - multi leg square grasshopper helping ant carry green banana, and orange bee with wings and big spiky bottom and orange blob is grass with lots of grasshoppers

Pic 3 age 8 - the bee and the ant helped the grasshopper winter after winter but he never learnt his lesson, so eventually they had enough and killed him

Pic 4 age 4 - hot sun, warm sun, cold sun...and it snowed...the grasshopper froze to death (blood pool at the bottom). The ant (blue long stripe in the middle) had a baby (pink little guy) and the baby ate the grasshopper. Bee was happy to play with the snow. (wow amazing)

Pic 5 age 4 - ant happy eating leaves in a sunny day

Pic 6 age 4 - two bees in sky, red ants telling green grasshopper off - if he doesn't work he won't have food in winter

Pic 7 age 3, bee, ant and grasshopper

Pic 8 age 3 story

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