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23.01.21 Special Masterclass Chinese painting with Artist Selina He Rong 何蓉

Today we had the honour to have famous Chinese painting artist Ms Selina He Rong who spared her precious time to teach our children the magic of Chinese painting.

We looked at famous painter Guo Xi (郭熙) from Song Dynasty how he made trees alive by studying the shapes and we experimented painting tree and stone which are two essential elements in the core of Chinese traditional painting. Ms He demonstrated various creative ways to make lively images, especially with a dry brush. She also made demonstration of a famous painting from Song Dynasty (1000 years ago), Fan Kuan's Journey to Xi Mountain 范宽 溪山行

The Children made beautiful paintings and had a really fun time. Please see below for the work and Ms He's beautiful works.

Ms He Rong, born in Shanghai, received Post doctoral degree in University of Singapore, studied western painting in London for many years, currently house artist in Zhao Chun Qiu art studio of China People's university. Special artist for China snow art specialist institute. Please see her beautiful work at the end of the page.


Youtube class link

Work below done by artist of age:

Ms He, Ms He, 36,








Below is the portfolio of beautiful work by Ms He Rong

Below are the works we looked at today

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