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21.02.21 Terraced field on hillside 吴冠中 江南水乡 (梯田)

Today we continue with our journey in south of China on the beautiful terraced field on hillside, an UNESCO heritage with Master Wu Guan Zhong again. 吴冠中 江南水乡 (梯田)

We watched a short video to see what it looks like in real life - what amazing beauty and intelligent design. Then we practiced with little fishes to have an idea of the movement of line - the essence of his paintings.

Then we started our attempt of the terrance field painting, starting with the more "structural" curves, try get the movement like dance movements before we put the brush down. Then just keep going with the little dance up down left right. Finally we put the reflections and darker shapes.

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age

Master WU, 38, 11,

65, 35, 8,

Master Wu, 11, 8,

65, 3,4,


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