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21.01.21 Narrative paint learn Chinese 晶 (shiny) 天 (sky)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today song - twinkle twinkle little star

Phonics - ow, igh

Chinese - 晶 (shiny) 天 (sky)


1. Dark background as sky, white+ color as stars. Make diff size shapes dots and learn晶 ( revision of日 sun)

2. Pick a star to live on, decide and paint what you want to grow and bring on your star. But they all need to be under the sky. Learn 天 (revision of 大big)

We watch a short video of the night sky with beautiful stars.

Key point - try to make repetitive things different and unevenly distributed

Comments: Fascinating outcome from the children again, we created red, green, yellow planets, unexpected drip painting from my monster as she made crying stars (because they don't have toys to play so she made toys for them and they are happy), some made gorgeous star shapes freely painted, some kid made star made with strawberry and spinach what a lovely idea! some brought their favourite teddy, some had many friends on their stars!

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age





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