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20.02.21 Watertown of China Zhou Zhuang and China landscape with 吴冠中 Wu Guan Zhong

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

We continue our tourism with masters this weekend and as it has been Chinese new year, we decide to go back to China with master 吴冠中 Wu Guan Zhong.

We watched a beautiful video of the water town Zhou Zhuang 周庄, and a short clip of beautiful landscape of south China (Jiang nan 江南..yes that Gangnam in PSY's song).

We saw a few master pieces by Master Wu including the $300m huge painting of Zhou Zhuang, and his own favourite Twin Swallows (雙燕). We studied the composition and his key element of dot, line, space.

Then we tried to study two paintings by him, one of the mountain landscape with village, one of the Zhou Zhuang bridge.

Key point

- Foreground sharp, background blurry.

- keep the lines flowing!

- understand how he "invite" viewers to enter the scene by creating a path of steps.

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age

Master WU, 38, 35,

35, 11, 65,

8, Master WU, 38,

65, 11, 69,


3, 8+4

Works we looked at

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