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20.02.21 Narrative learn Chinese 水(water)舟(boat)[study Qi Baishi齐白石山水Fu Baoshi傅抱石泛舟图]

Today song - row row row the boat

Phonics = oa, ea

Chinese= 水(water) 舟(boat)


1. Mountain and water only. Try make mountain flat big block wet paint, water dry brush thin wavy lines. Study 齐白石山水. Learn Chinese 水

2. Blank paper just little boat. Study 傅抱石 泛舟图 learn Chinese 舟, make story what happens on your boat trip, who went together, what was the weather like? did anything happen on the trip?

3. Make paper boat draw what you like on it

Key point:

Try make contrast wet brush mountain against dry brush thin light water marks

Need a few A4 paper. Black paint and any other colour


Some children found reflection of mountain on water, some made pirate ship, some had very busy boating trip with many things, some made double decker boats!!

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age:





Master Qi baishi

Master Fu Baoshi

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