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19.01.21 Narrative paint learn Chinese 大小魚 [learn one stroke fish by Master Qi baishi 齐白石]

Phonics= oo, ar, and sh again

Chinese= 大 (big),小(small),魚 (fish)


1. Paint a mixture of big and small sharks. How to know if sth is small- you must compare with sth big to show its a "baby". Study 大 小. Will try show kids video of fish and how can describe fish with one brush stroke like what famous Chinese painter Qi Baishi did 齐白石.

2. Paint a zoomed out fish image. Study 甲骨文 drawing of fish try use it. Learn 魚

Key point:

Try make the fish in one brush stroke- the key is the tail! its thinner, lighter and it turns.


Some kid made very imaginary stories like seahorse eating shark in the tummy, some made amazing painting with like 20 fishes of different size and directions swimming all different directions, some made the whole family with flying fish, some made very scary shark. Amazing journey for me :)

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age:





8, 4+36, 3,



Master QI Bai Shi

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