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18.02.21 Why Leopard has spot? spoon(勺), leopard(豹), catch (抓)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we wanted to make a little boy happy so we painted Leopard! We did a story telling with props kindly built by my little monster and painted together, and with some “reasonably close” looking toys, we managed to tell the little story of why leopard has spots by the children’s book.

Then we looked at an awesome video of how leopard and cheetah ran, paying attention to the shapes of the legs and tail in particular. We had a close look at the pattern on their skin too, before we learnt these Chinese characters - firstly spoon(勺), then leopard(豹) which the character is written with a standing beast on the left and spoon on the right to represent the size of the spot on their skin is the size of spoon. How clever! Then the word catch (抓)which is written as a hand catching a claw.

We then attempted to paint two images of cheetah running. One with leg close one with leg open. While we wait for other children to finish their own creations, we listened to a leopard song and watched a little video of leopard catching a fish!

Youtube video link

Work below done by artists of age

38+3, 38+3, 3,



Note pic3 = leopard sleeping in tree, Pic 6 is leopard running on water

Picture of the film crew before and after clothes

Images of what we studied

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