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18.01.21 Narrative painting learn Chinese 羊 sheep 毛 hair

Today theme song- baabaa black sheep

Phonics= a, ck, sh ,and ee again

Chinese= 羊, 毛 (try remind them 三)


1. Background color with card, then black paint try capture feature of sheep face. Then they need to think wats around the sheep, how many sheep, wat sheeps r doing r they eating/jumping etc paint story and learn羊

2. No background coluor, dry brush, make dry brush marks looks like 毛. Diff colours, think where the hair are going? What will they do now if they feel cold? Paint the story and learn毛

Key point - try keep space equal for the 3 stroke of the 3 Chinese characters, try to see how it is just a little additional strokes from 三 (three)

Youtube class link

Work below done by artist of age:

3, 3, 4,

4, 4, 4

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