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15.01.21 Narrative painting learn Chinese 山 mountain 見 see

Today firstly we will go through some issues we realised- yesterday was the first time we paint things with eyes -animals! Unlike flowers or sea painting, its easy to spot if its gone too wrong. So firstly will go through how to see animal things and catch their important features while be creative on the rest.

Then for the class, song is bear over the mountain.

Phonics = w, e, ee

Chinese= 山, 見


1. Paint mountain like our ancestor. Then decide where to put bear and wat other things on the mountain. Practice colour theory again.

2. Paint what u think the bear see on the other side of the mountain. Use imagination


Everyone had amazing imaginations - some bear saw flowers and little bee, some saw monster with hat, some teddy bear climbed Mount Everest and some climbed the mountain of fire in the Journey to the west 西游记 :)

Youtube video link

Work below done by artist of age




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