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14.02.21 JMW Turner Scarlet Sunset and Shields Lighthouse paintings

Today we follow up on the wet on wet experiment from yesterday to try to do a study of famous painting by Turner - the Scarlet sunset and also the shields lighthouse.

We wet the papers first then applied the background layer. I worked on two paintings at the same time (so while waiting for the other one to dry I worked on the other one)

For the Shields lighthouse painting, Turner was interested in the topic as the white of the human light against the beauty of natural god's moonlight. Obviously you know which one is more beautiful.

Key point:

1. pay attention to the blurry and sharp edges

2. leave the white moon Untouched centre circle in the moonlight painting

Youtube class link

Work below done by artists of age

Monet, 38,35,



Monet, 38,69

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