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12.02.21 Year of OX - painting of famous OX in history and learn ox 牛 horn 角

Today is the first day of Chinese new year of Ox! We look at famous western and easter painting of ox and learn the characters ox 牛 horn 角

We watched Bull leaping video (which is blocked on YouTube but you can find it) which is much more pleasant than bullfighting, but you can get an idea of what Spanish bull look like.

First the Spanish ox and Picasso - one from his live video in 30 seconds, one from his famous print of ox which ended up with a few lines

Then we moved on to more taming version of Chinese kind bulls…we look at the famous Chinese painting of 5 ox from Tang Dynasty 1200 year ago and try to draw the face and look at the details of the horn and the eyes.

Then we looked a Chinese painting by the famous artist Li Ke Ran 李可染 who is the student of Qi Bai Shi 齐白石, which auctioned for $10m. We studied the very lively story within the picture and tried to make a quick study ourselves.

Youtube class link

Bull jumping

Picasso bull action


Work done by artists of age:

11,11, 8,






works we looked at today

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