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10.02.21 Chinese New Year Special - Dragons, nine dragon wall forbidden city and Chen Rong dragon

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

It is Chinese new year in 2 days! We decided to do a special session today of dragons.

First we watched a video about the famous 9 dragon wall in the forbidden city and try to see the shapes of the dragons. Then we saw a short video of apparently what has been caught on camera in the western and eastern world - do you believe dragons do exist?

With that exciting question in mind, we try to make some dragons ourselves. According to the famous book 400 years ago - The Compendium of Materia Medica or Bencao Gangmu (本草纲目), dragons have the features as follows:


Head looks like camel, horn like dear, eye like rabbit, ear like cow, neck like snake, tummy like worm, scales like fish, claws like eagle, palm like tiger.

Well it was intended like that by the children at least :)

We looked at the famous painting of dragon done by Chen Rong 1000 years ago which have been owned by the Qing emperor and was auctioned for $43m in Christies.

Lastly we tried to do a more detailed drawing of the head then finished with the Christies video.

9 dragon wall forbidden city

Dragon on camera

Christies Chen Rong

Work done by artists of age





Pic5 is mummy dragon (top left) daddy dragon(bottom left) and baby dragon which is in the egg all locked in prison

Pic 8 the dragon is making fire, rain and snow

Materials shown in class

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