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09.02.21 Penguins and learn ice (冰) and white (白)

As we are lucky to have the snow again today, we continue our exploration of things in cold penguins!

First we watched an intro video of the South Pole and see where they live, how daddy took care of them from a little egg and mummy busy getting food. We also watched a video of cute and funny things they did that were caught on camera. We paid attention to their shapes, the way the walk or slide on their tummy or jump in and out of water.

Then we attempted to catch them by the one line drawing done by Picasso and made many penguin stories of our own. We learnt the two Chinese characters ice (冰) and white (白), of which we noticed how the character “water” looks just like the 6 side snow flake water crystal we draw yesterday! Amazing!

We finished with a little song and a little video of how daddy penguin raised the babies.

Youtube class link

Penguin intro video

Funny penguin on camera

Daddy penguin

Stories from the drawings:

Pic 1, mummy showed Picasso and baby age 3 copied..

Pic 2, age 3, two mummy penguin playing two football over sea, cloudy sky, scary pumpkin not sure why.

Pic 3, age 3, daddy and baby penguin walking on their tummy

Pic 4, age 3, little girl feeding penguin fish. Red snowflake in sky

Pic 5, age 4, little penguin said sth to big penguin (in the bubbles):" You are very big!" Big penguin answered :"Yes I am"

Pic 5, age 4, happy penguin full of love

Pic 7, age 8, Picasso study

Pic 8, age 8, Penguin party on ice plateau

Pic 9, age 8, elephant penguins

Pic 10, age 4, kid lost interest, mummy drawings

Pic 11, age 4, what looks like penguin or fish is mummy's drawings, all unrecognised items are kid's drawings

Pic 12, age 4, penguins before the class

Pic 13, age 3, mummy penguin with naughty baby penguin

Pic 14, age 3, baby penguin (right) with his teddy comforter (left)

Pic 15, age 3, baby (left) playing snowball fight with daddy (right)

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