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04.03.21塞翁失马 Mr Sai lost his horse Blessing in disguise 非福马 learn Xu Beihong's horse 徐悲鸿

As the last mini theatre session before lockdown finish, we wanted to teach the kids how to think things different when they appear to be bad and vice versa, from a very famous Chinese story about Mr Sai who lost his horse.

We did the puppet show before we learnt some Chinese characters, then we tried to make a study of the most famous horse painter Xu Beihong 徐悲鸿, chairman of academy of fine art in China in 1950.

Then we let the children paint what they think is a bad thing that turn out to be a good thing in the end. For me, it is thanks to the horrid Covid that I started the journey to exploring arts with my little one, my friends, and my parents. It was not too bad after all.

Youtube class link

Details of work below

Pic 1 - film crew

Pic 2 - age 8, study of Xu's horse

Pic 3 - age 4, virus 🦠 killed daddy horse (the long legged black figure to the right, red lines means kill, which you probably figured by now), but baby horse killed the virus. Rain came out to wash the virus away, but the puddle (sea level?) rose so much the people were drowning. Then the virus revived (of course!) Lui (check out Bayblade, light blue figure top right) was strong, killed the virus again. But he got so carried away with himself, he ended up killing all the people. the dark blue line on baby ‘horse’ is the muscle

Pic 4 - age 8, a ‘see-through’ horse with smarties inside

Pic 5 - age 8, good things out of covid. She’s using her non-dominant hand today so the writing is illegible. It should say ‘because I can read more and i can use my right hand).

Pic 6 - age 4, study of horse with fast wheels

Pic 7 - age 3, mummy horse and baby brother horse

Pic 8 - age 3, daddy horse

Pic 9 - age 3, grandma horse

Pic 10 - age 3, grandpa horse

Pic 11 - age 5, Mr Sai very clever and happy that horse came back

Pic 12 - age 5, happy ending

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