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04.02.21 Dogs 犬狗尾 with famous paintings in history

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Today we want to make a little girl happy to paint dogs as she loves husky dogs!

We watched a video about huskys first, then we went through some famous paintings in history to pay attention to different ways to involve our best friend in our paintings.

To name a few - the mini dog with Freda Kahlo, the sad longly dog when Goya painted on his wall while living alone at 70, the posh fluffy dog against smooth face girl by Sargent, the colourful dog by Gaugain and more.

We attempted to do a study of the most famous of them all - Balla's funny walking dog!

We tried to learn the Chinese characters 犬狗尾 and see how they look similar to the painting!

Then we tried to do a sketch of a husky from a picture, tried to pay attention to shape of the body and the direction of legs. We let the kids decide what is around the husky and any stories that may be happening.

Finally we sang the song of Bingo while finish the paintings.

Youtube classlink

Husky video

work below done by artists of age

38, 69, 8,


6, 4,4,






Pic 2 - grandpa's running dog looking like robot mop

Pic 5 - there is a wolf lurking on the background on the left!

Pic 8 - the yellow string is the leash of the dog walker

Pic 11 - mummy thought dog fell in muddy puddle

Pic 12 - from left - helicopter, crocodile, police car, baddy

Pic 13 - "Sky" in Paw Patrol, and a rock because on tv it said "Sky you rock!"

Famous paintings we looked at


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