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03.02.21 Tigers 两只王 with famous paintings in history

Today we looked into tigers!

We watched a natgeo video about tigers and paid attention to their characteristic stripy backs and cat looking face with black lines.

We looked into famous paintings in history:

Western - Henri Rousseau, Franz Marc

Chinese - 冯大中(famous tiger painter),刘继卣(grandpa of Chinese narrative cartoon), 张善子(Zhang daqian brother),石恪(1000 yrs ago)

I showed the little ones how to do a quick tiger face and learnt the Chinese characters which 王 looks like what's on the forehead of tiger which also means KING! (of the animals)

Then we tried to capture the shape of tiger with a quick sketch, and at the liberty of the kid to do what they want the tigers to do, where they live, what's around them etc to make story.

We sang the Chinese version of "two tigers" nursery rhythm as we finished.

Youtube class link

Natgeo video link

Super cute paintings today - looks like the kids understood the key characteristic of stripy backs and bearded face :)

Work down by artist of age:

38, 3,3,






Pic 6 is tiger tail and some legs

Pic 8 tiger is blind (like in the song)

The last 4 pictures:

The tiger eating noodles on the left, bunny on the right in wellies climbing up ladder, its raining mixed with snow (blueberries in the sky), tiger castle by the river. Next painting, a person in fire engine try to rescue tiger trapped on roof. Next painting, tiger try to climb up a tree.

Famous paintings we looked

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