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02.03.21 God of medicine and farming Shen Nong 神农 Learn 早草永脉

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today we did a story about one of our greatest ancestor, Shen Nong, god of medicine and farming - not fictionally but real recorded person.

We did our little puppet show of how he invented farming after watching how bird made plants grow. He had some superpowers such as a transparent tummy so he can see what happens when you eat something, which gave him the chance to discover the most important medicine drink in Chinese culture - tea.

We also watched a small clip about meridian point and acupuncture channels which him and people with "superpowers" can see, which was the most important basis of Chinese medicine.

We learnt the Chinese characters 早草永脉 (to see how "channels" looks like water channels etc)

Lastly we did a drawing of what we think Shen Nong looks like, and what our channels looks like...if we are sick and we can decide which button to press.

Youtube class link

So stories of the day:

Pic 1 - theatre crew

Pic 2- age 8, the god of medicine on a cloud, squash bottle (Hulu) on head to keep medicine

Pic 3 - age 4, One day a rainbow appeared in the blue+green sky. There were a dog and two people in the castle (in descending order). A big baddy (right2) crept up on a kitty girl (note the pink pointy ears and the antenna looking circle — the brain) and turned her into a cat (pink lion looking creature in the middle). The baddy’s power caused brown snow and brown rain (maybe there was good listening to your snowflakes session) and brown mud. The person with funny gloves (right1)has magical powers (the pink lightening up to the sky). Meanwhile (is it ever gonna end?) a little girl on a walk wasn’t sure which way to go — to the castle or the other way (inevitably to the baddy). Her mother (person under the rainbow) couldn’t find her child but said ‘oh never mind). She found some flowers that went dead (green leave in hand) that turned out to be the medicine that can turn the pink cat back to kitty girl.

Pic 4 - age 3, daddy of Shennong with a hunting gun (blue thing on top)

Pic 5 - age 3, mummy of Shennong (we think both pic 3 and 4 is draw with the Chinese acupuncture channels inside the bodies)

Pic 6 - age 3, top right Shennong sitting on chair drinking tea, bottom right 2 kids jumping on the bed on a cloud, top left a person with acupuncture channels on his hands and feet on a big bed

Pic 7 - age 5, Shennong tried all different levels from trees

Pic 8 - age 5, 3 happy villagers all felt better after drinking tea from Shennong

Pic 9 - age 4, Shennong using tractor for farming now! moving on to industrial 2.0. The little green lines are the rice seedlings

Pic10 characters we learnt

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