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02.02.21 Chang'e to the moon 嫦娥奔月 九(nine)十(ten)月( moon)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today grandma helped to make some props for the theatre to tell the famous Chinese folk story of Chang'e to the moon 嫦娥奔月.

Chinese: 九十月

Activity: Story telling first

Music: Blossoms on a Moonlit River in Spring 春江花月夜


1. Draw the story with the most memorable moment. Learn 九十月

2. Draw what you think Chang'e can do now she is stuck on the moon?


Math: 1+9=10, 5+5=10

Logic: how many solutions can u have if u need A to meet B? :)

Youtube class link

Let's have a look at the fascinating stories made by the little ones below

  1. The prop made by grandma but the baddy and the house drawings done by my 3 year old

  2. Age 6, heroic moment with dialogues. Happy lady :)

  3. Age 8, Chang'e crying as she ascend to the moon, but her hair can be used as ladder later for Houyi to get on to find her.

  4. Age 8, Houyi got some wings and united together solution 2

  5. Age 4, The 9 sun got blown off by tornado

  6. Age 4, then the last remaining sun want to rush down to save his friends

  7. Age 4, finally Chang'e flying into the moon

  8. Age 4, Houyi got the 9 sun

  9. Age 4, then his solution is to go up in a rocket to see her! prepared some ladder for landing

  10. Age 4, two rabbit main characters and the baddy, "dayday" and "nightnight", and it is raining

  11. Age 4, the goddess fairy

  12. Age 3, Houyi is daddy now, mummy jumped off from the moon and made baby on the left. The suns were broken by the long nails of mummy, so the fingers of baby are all going downwards because he doesn't want to burn his fingers.

  13. Age 3, Chang'e caught the baddy, on the right is Houyi with his bow and arrow

  14. Age 3, Chang'e got down from the moon by the ladder and made small baby

  15. Age 4, It was too hot with 10 suns and lets eat ice cream with our friends to cool off!

  16. The characters we learnt

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