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01.03.21 铁杵成针 Grinding a metal bar into a needle (子李金針Child, "Li", Gold, Needle)

Today we did a famous story about the most famous Chinese poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty (1200 years ago).

We did our little theatre to show when he met the old grandma who try to "Grinding a metal bar into a needle", because she believe if we work a little a day we will make it eventually just like how water made a hole in the stone.

With special effects to the mini theatre today (grandpa making rain drops..), we finished the story by learning four Chinese characters which two of them are the base parts. (子李金針Child, "Li", Gold, Needle)

Then we draw our most memorable moment of the story, along with something that we want to do a little bit everyday and get better.

Youtube class link

Stories below:

Pic 1 - film crew

Pic 2 - age 4, boy (Li Bai) on the left, grandma on the right with gloves, iron rod on her left hand, needle on her right hand, the blue door above her is the stone that got made a hole by water droplets, line like water drops above

Pic 3 - age 4, left big boy (it’s orange all covered up now you can’t see) who kidnaps people, right little girl practises running away *every day*, so she never gets caught. One day the bee kills the big boy, the girl is happy; but the bee kills the snowflakes too, the girl cries and kills the bee. Blood blood blood

Pic 4 - age 3, Li Bai playing outside school and everyone else studying inside. Above Li bai is a bad cloud which he caught and a happy sun. On the left is grandpa who plays yoyo everyday and became yoyo master. The snail looking things are chinese clouds

Pic 5 - age 5, the summary of the story and Li Bai learnt to study everyday after all!

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